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12/17/08 Kowalczyk

<img align="left" src="/images/Multi_Media/yourerie/nxd_media/img/jpg/2008_12/808c59d9-04d2-8874-0df2-fe73e5091348/raw.jpg" alt=" " />Kari Kowalczyk
 Kari Kowalczyk was nominated by 11th grader Andrea Kron and 10th grader Lynsay Girts of North East High School. The girls wrote: As students attending North East High School we would like to give our business education teacher, Mrs. Kowalczyk something in return for everything she has given us. Mrs. Kowalczyk is not like most teachers when it comes to teaching, it seems like teaching teenagers just comes naturally. Even though teaching is very draining and stressful at times, Mrs. Kowalczyk teaches with all her heart and energy and it shows that she is very passionate about her job. She cares about every single individual and gives us all an equal opportunity to learn and excel in the classroom. For many reasons, positive is one of the key words to describe our business education classroom at North East. First of all, when you walk in you will notice a positive atmosphere which makes it so successful. The students are glad to be there and ready to learn each and everyday. Furthermore, the positive attitude Mrs. Kowalczyk brings to her classroom every morning usually rubs off on the students. Leaving Mrs. Kowalczyks room after class, students cant help but be in a good mood. With her fun personality, students have a desire to learn and want to work harder. If you ask, most students would agree that the way she teaches is effective, special and fun. The most unique thing about her teaching is that she tries to use all different methods every chance she gets because every individual student learns differently. In addition, the way she interacts with the class makes it su much easier to comprehend what we are learning. When teaching difficult concepts, she brings it down to our level in anyway possible to help up understand the information. She makes sure the information is clear and understandable before teaching any further. Although, Mrs. Kowalczyk is great in front of the class, she doesnt just stand at the front of the lalssroom and present, Mrs. Kowalczyk is also fantastic in the back of the room at her desk. She is always there for guidance when you dont understand homework or struggling with personal problems outside of school. Mrs. Kowalczyk is a wonderful listener as she is very understanding and so approachable. In fact, she encourages an environment where everyone in our classroom is comfortable and respectful to one another. As current students of Mrs. Kowalczyk, we would like to recognize this outstanding teacher for the knowledge she offers us everyday and we would greatly enjoy showing her how much we truly appreciate how she inspires us to do our best to reach the goals that we didnt think were possible. Thank you for you time! Sincerely, Andrea Kron and Lynsay Girts
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