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2014 County Budget Could Increase Funding for County Prison

Preliminary budget to be presented tomorrow for 2014, includes $1 million for county prison.
September 30, 2013 - On Tuesday morning, county executive Barry Grossman is expected to release his preliminary county budget for 2014.

One element of that budget, is the request for one million dollars in additional funding to support the hiring of 19 new corrections officers at the Erie County Prison.

Don Tucci is the republican candidate for the county executive position and is facing democratic challenger, former congresswoman, Kathy Dahlkemper this fall.

Because the proposed budget will fall into the hands of either Tucci or Dahlkemper once he or she gets elected, Tucci said he believes instead of asking for additional funding, the budget should be analyzed line-by-line to find alternate ways to increase safety at the county prison.

"Finding reductions somewhere else, offsetting the costs somewhere else. There's an opportunity to diversify some of those payments and put it towards the corrections facility," said Tucci.

Both Dahlkemper and Grossman declined to speak on camera at this time.

The news conference is scheduled for 11am at the courthouse.

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