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911 Operators Recognized for Helping with Live Births

Two operators assist with two different births of babies...all from behind the scenes at the Erie County 911 Center.
September 19, 2013 - Jackie Polka started at the 911 Center in April, and on August 21st she got a call from a Millcreek woman who had gone into labor. That call came in at 8:27 am and a healthy baby boy was born at 8:33 am just six minutes later.

Less than a week later, Heather Pasewicz received a similar call and she too was fairly new, starting in April as well.

Pasewicz took that call at 2:35 am and talked Travis Butcher and wife Lisa through the labor process, and baby Paige was born just five minutes later at 2:40.

Because of their calm demeanor and ability to really talk those two families through those crucial moments when a full medical is staff is usual around, Polka and Pasewicz were honored this afternoon by the 911 Center and county executive Barry Grossman in a special ceremony.

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