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Advocates Push for Off-Shore Wind Energy

At a panel discussion at Gannon University, off-shore wind turbines and the potential benefits it would create in the Great Lakes region are discussed.
September 25, 2013 - During a panel discussion at Gannon University, wind energy advocates made their case as to why off-shore wind turbines are a viable form of energy for the Northwest Pennsylvania area..

“It's been going on for two decades already in Europe; it's a $200 billion industry, so it's really well known. It just hasn't been done in the United States or in the Great Lakes region, yet" said communications and strategy manager for the Lake Erie Energy Development Corporation, LEEDCO, Eric Ritter.

LEEDCO is working to develop an off-shore wind turbine project, called the Icebreaker, which officials said would create clean energy, thousands of jobs, and be good for the environment.

While the panelists seemed to have a pro-wind energy stance, one man in attendance, Thomas Wasilewski of Edinboro, said he is against off-shore wind turbines because he said it creates a dangerous environment for certain wildlife and claims it is detrimental to Lake Erie's quality.

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