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Affordable Care Act Supporters Rally

A group of concerned community members showed their support for the ACA by rallying outside a local Congressman's office
A group of community members presented a super-sized itemized bill to Congressman Kelly's office Thursday afternoon, demanding that the Congressman pay back the millions of taxpayer dollars they say he has spent in attempts to defund the Affordable Care Act. Kelly has voted to defund the act 47 times. Rally members say he is not accurately representing his constituents. Kelly responded by saying:
“Rep. Kelly always welcomes feedback from his constituents and appreciates their right to peaceably assemble. When it comes to health insurance, Rep. Kelly also wants to make coverage more affordable and accessible to the most vulnerable among us. That is why he is proudly co-sponsoring H.R. 3121, the American Health Care Reform Act, to replace Obamacare with a commonsense, patient-centered alternative that wouldn’t damage the economy or disrupt anyone’s existing health care plans.”

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