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BayHawks Finalize Roster for 2013-2014 Opener

Leslie and Tyler Inactive

BayHawks Finalize Roster



Erie, Pennsylvania, Thursday, November 21 – The Erie BayHawks have finalized their opening night roster by placing two players on the inactive list, trimming their squad to a total of eleven. C.J. Aiken and Jeremy Tyler have been placed on the inactive list due to injury and will not compete on opening night.


The BayHawks did not have to release any additional players to get to an opening day roster of ten players, the maximum number of players allowed in the D-League. Chris Smith, who was assigned to Erie by the Knicks on Monday, does not count towards the roster limit.


2013-14 Training Camp Roster (as of 11/21/13)


Name                                                    Pos.       Ht.          Wt.         School                                   Acquired             

C.J. Aiken*                                          F              6-9          200         St. Joseph’s                        Trade (2013 - Texas)

Justin Brownlee                                F              6-7          220         St. John’s                             Affiliate Player

Nick Covington                                  G             6-2          200         Oklahoma City                   Trade (2012)

Ricky Davis                                          F              6-7          195         Iowa                                      2013 Draft (6th Round)

Terence Jennings                             F              6-11       230         Louisville                              Trade (2012 - Iowa)

Andre Jones                                       G             6-2          196         Winthrop                             Tryout

C.J. Leslie                                             F              6-9          205         N.C. State                            Affiliate Player

Andrae Nelson                                  F              6-6          230         Morehouse                        2013 Draft (7th Round)

Mustafa Shakur                                G             6-3          190         Arizona                                 Trade (2012 – Rio Grande Valley)

Chris Smith                                         G             6-2          200         Louisville                              Knicks Assignment Player

Scott Suggs                                         G             6-6          195         Washington                        Trade (2013 – Santa Cruz)

Jeremy Tyler*                                   C             6-10       260         San Diego High School    Trade (2013 – Santa Cruz)

Darren White                                     G             6-4          210         Campbell                             2013 Draft (2nd Round)


*Inactive List


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