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Bombing Victim's Family Still Angry

<img src="/images/Multi_Media/yourerie/nxd_media/img/jpg/2007_06/8968c6fb-4ebd-d004-851c-1a953ec6afe8/raw.jpg" alt=" " align="left" />The brother of collar bombing victim Brian Wells insists his brother was an innocent victim.
One day after Ken Barnes of Erie admitted he conspired with others to commit the bank robbery that resulted in the collar bombing death of Brian Wells in August 2003, the brother of the victim says Wells was not involved. Court testimony revealed that Brain Wells was among those who may have conspired and formulated a plot to rob a bank. Co-defendant Marjorie Diehl Armstrong, William Rothstein, Floyd Stockton, and Wells were some of those who may have conspired with Barnes. But John Wells, the brother of Brain Wells, says his brother played no role in the plot that resulted in his death. Wells said he cant believe Barnes defense attorney would suggest that Barnes only played a minor role in the crime. Wells insists theres no such thing as a minor role in a murder. He believes Barnes should be executed or serve life in prison for whatever part he played in the death of his brother. And he called on Erie County District Attorney Brad Foulk to do the job the US Attorney has failed to do in prosecuting the suspects on murder charges. Brian Wells was a pizza delivery man who died when a collar bomb, strapped around his neck, exploded and killed him, while he was in police custody after being apprehended following the robbery of the PNC Bank in Summit Township. The only other person charged in the crime is Marjorie Diehl Armstrong, who has been ruled mentally incompetent to stand trial at this time. Unindicted co-conspirators William Rothstein and Brian Wells are dead. Floyd Stockton is believed to be cooperating with the government.
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