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ConnectLine and your Telephone

<p><span mce_style="font-size: medium;" style="font-size: medium;"><b>ConnectLine<sup>TM</sup> Phone Adaptor - </b></span></p><p><b>Turns an existing landline phone into a cordless Bluetooth<sup>TM</sup> phone. </b></p><p>Telephone use is a matter of personal choice.&nbsp; Many seniors do not want to learn how to use a new phone, but they have difficulties hearing when they use their current phone.&nbsp; The ConnectLine phone adaptor overcomes this problem by turning any existing landline phone into a bluetooth phone.&nbsp; It pairs to Streamer at the push of a button and connects automatically whenever the phone is activated.&nbsp; Your patient can use either a cell phone or a landline phone with the same Streamer, and hear clearly with both ears.&nbsp; <br></p>

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