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ConnectLine and your TV

<p><span mce_style="font-size: medium;" style="font-size: medium;"><b>ConnectLine TV Adaptor - </b></span></p><p><b>Finally there's a Bluetooth<sup>TM</sup> TV solution that solves the latency problem.&nbsp; </b></p><p>Attractive and unobtrusive, this small adaptor connects to the output of any TV and runs on its own power supply.&nbsp; Your patients can then enjoy high quality audio - streaming binaurally through their hearing instruments.&nbsp; They can listen at their own preferred volume level and without the latency delay problem of off-the-shelf Buuetooth transmitters.&nbsp; There is no need for recharging and no additional gadgets or loop installation.&nbsp; The ConnectLine adapter pairs to Streamer with a punch of the button and then connects automatically whenever the streamer is activated.&nbsp; <br></p>

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