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Corry Schools Closer to Consolidation

Board agrees to study proposal that suggests the closure of two elementary schools.
November 18, 2013 - The Corry Area school board has voted to move forward in evaluating the pros and cons of a proposal to consolidate its schools.

The board unanimously agreed Monday night to move forward with its study of the impact consolidating its schools would have on the district.

School board officials say closing two of its elementary schools, Conelway and Spartansburg. would save the district 14 million dollars over the course of 20 years, and that closing the schools seems like the best option in handling low enrollment rates and bussing issues.

With closing the schools, the grade levels would also be reconfigured: K-2 would be in one building, grades 3-5 in another, and 6th graders would move into the middle high school. ...

Board president, Dr. Doris Gernovich says the board does not want to close the schools but that it seems like the best idea.

Some parents say they believe closing the schools will be detrimental to the community and that the board should reconsider this proposal.

There will be a public hearing on December 3, and the district is expected to vote on the proposal in March 2014.

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