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1/14/09 Betti

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Carla Betti an 11-12th grade History teacher at Mercyhurst Prep is this weeks Golden Apple Award Winner.  Miss Betti was nominated by James Imler. 
James writes:

When it comes to teachers, Mrs. Betti take's the spot for number one.  She's a teacher that realizes that students are people.  She is there to help you whenever you need it, if it were a personal struggle, or if you were having difficulty in school.  She always has a smile on her face and always greets you by name and in the rare chance she doesn't know your name she says hello and will still grab the door for you.

If you're swamped and have a lot of work and you have three finals in the same day she is the teacher that is willing to push her test back and give you a little breathing room in your studies.  But her politeness doesn't stop just at the classroom.  For young students with jobs, she will stop and say hello to you at your workplace whether it be Quality markets or Wegmans.  This individual is also the head of the club "Women in Motion."  She, along with the president and vice-president of the club participated in a walk that raised approximately $3,000.00 dollars for the Breast Cancer Walk.

This individual gives her heart and soul to this school, and more to the students in it.  While many of the students refer to her as a teacher, we could also refer to her as a friend. 
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