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12/24/08 Morgan

<img align="left" src="/images/Multi_Media/yourerie/nxd_media/img/jpg/2008_12/4e20c14e-51af-c394-ad62-0853b5f1ed40/raw.jpg" alt=" " />Anita Morgan
 Anita Morgan from Clark Elementary School is this weeks Golden Apple winner. Mrs. Morgan was nominated by Nate Dougan and his parents, they write: At Clark School, Nate has been surrounded by teachers who are positive role models and love what they do. One of those teachers is Mrs. Anita Morgan. Since this is Nates third year of being a student in Mrs. Morgans class, we have had an opportunity to become familiar with what a truly dedicated, hard-working, dynamic teacher she is. Besides creating a stimulating environment, Anita is flexible, patient, and strives diligently to daily set individual goals for Nate and others privileged to be part of her class. Lessons are personalized each day so students, like Nate, are able to stretch to their own potential, learn and have fun all at the same time. Material overlaps smoothly with Nates regular classroom and between subjects to facilitate simple transitions and engage necessary repetition. With teachers like Mrs. Morgan, going to school each day is new and exciting. nate looks forward to school so much that even on the weekends, he asks, "Is today a school day?". Being challenged through contests, incentives, and active learning, Nate thrives and is motivated to work hard and do his best. Keeping fresh and up-to-date in the classroom is sparked by Anitas enthusiasm to continually challenge herself through outside classes and coursework. She willingly takes this knowledge one step further and implements appealing ideas beneficial to her students. We are impressed by how well Mrs. Morgan knows Nate, his likes, dislikes, family, hobbies, and favorite sports. She has taken a personal interest in Nate and all that is important to him. Communication between home and school is comfortable and thorough so that Nate is productive and secure. Anita Morgan builds Nates self-esteem by facilitating the learning process to such a degree that he achieves success and becomes eager to aim for the next goal. Nate continues to grow and build upon the firm foundation for knowledge originating in Mrs. Morgans class!
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