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1SG William Crabhill

<p>Congratulations 1SG William Crabill from&nbsp;Strong Vincent High School.&nbsp; He was nominated by Josh Onorato. </p>

I believe that our JROTC AI 1SG Crabill should win the Golden Apple Award. I believe he should win the award because of the fact that he has been assisting in the Strong Vincent Colonel Battalion since the program was established. Because of him, our battalion has won the Honor Unit with Distinction decoration every year since the program was established.


Besides the fact that he did that for us, our 1SG is more than just a teacher. He assists us in all of our problems. He gives us life lessons that we can use when we are older and as we go through our lives. The great thing about these life lessons, are that they are true. Our 1SG has been through a lot, and he knows how to handle any situation. If any of us cadets have a problem, he won't help us directly. He'll give us some steps that could assist us in what we are trying to do, which helps us grow as people.


1SG Crabill is a great teacher and a very good person. He did not start out well when he was young, but after joining the army, his life turned to the better. Our 1SG is a one of a kind person and you will never meet a person like him.


When I first joined JROTC, I didn't know what to think of the 1SG. But after being in the program a while, I figured out what he was all about: Teaching his cadets to grow as people and become successful in life. This is why I think 1SG Crabill should win this award. Like I said, our 1SG is more than just a teacher. He is well deserving of this award.

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