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2/11/09 Lair

<img src="/images/Multi_Media/yourerie/nxd_media/img/jpg/2009_02/46a9bced-39b6-adc4-5dbd-d63976b738d7/raw.jpg" alt=" " width="181" align="left" height="120" />Cindy Lair
 Cindy Lair from McKean Elementary School is this weeks Golden Apple Award Winner. Ms. Lair was nominated by Madeline Bruce. Madeline writes: On the first day of school this year, our whole class already loved Ms. Lair. We were too sad to go home! It was only the first day! Ms. Lair makes all the lessons really fun. She is really funny and makes us laugh. This makes the classes exciting and we enjoy doing the work. Ms. Lair makes everyone feel special. She notices qualities in each student. She makes sure that each of us gets a chance to stand out by having us share things about ourselves. She also points out when we do something right or outstanding. Ms. Lair also shares things about herself and we share things with each other and her. She does things to help us be successful. If someone is having trouble she will work with them by themselves. She will also spend extra time on something if she sees that we do not understand. Se uses different ways of teaching like games and charts. We learn in different ways and dont always have to use the text books. We might work on words using clapping and moving around the room. We get to use our won white boards to do work, too! To read books, she lets us sit around the room so we can be comfortable while we are reading. Ms. Lair is a happy person and cares about every person in the class. Every day in school is a wonderful day! We all love you, Ms. Lair! Thank you for teaching us!
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