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2/18/09 Logan

<img src="/images/Multi_Media/yourerie/nxd_media/img/jpg/2009_02/68eab2f0-43d7-9324-a507-458a7b8e91ef/raw.jpg" alt=" " width="181" align="left" height="120" />Jim Logan
 Jim Logan, a 6th Grade teacher at Wattsburg Area Middle School id this weeks Golden Apple Award Winner. Mr. Logan was nominated by Masen Hartner. Masen writes: Ok, Mr. Logan is such a wonderful, out of the ordinary teacher. He has changed my life and taught me that school can be fun. Yes, I know it is very hard to believe, but Yes! He makes learning fun and cool and he gives us examples we can understand and relate to. And he knows us individually and can relate to our problems. But dont think he is all about learning and fun because he makes sure we get our work done and I am in his 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th period classes and I wish we had more time with him even though 5th period is lunch. When I first came into 6th grade I was bummed about having him but we didnt even get to see him for the first 2 weeks because he ahad to get his appendix removed but when he came back, he didnt waste any time. My Mom and Dad both had him and they said they loved him. He has been teaching for 25 and a half years and it shows. He is awesome and I dont want him to retire and hopefully the 5th graders behind us get the chance to have him so they can have fun learning. I have never wanted a male teacher but I know now that this year so far has been a blast and hopefully next year will be too. But it will never be as fun as this year with Mr. Logan. He is so far my favorite teacher. You have to pick him. All our class says so.
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