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2/4/09 Petrosky

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 Jan Petrosky a 4th Grade teacher at Tracy Elementary is this week's Golden Apple Award Winner.  Mrs. Petrosky was nominated by Katie Mraz.

Katie writes:

I nominate Mrs. Petrosky for the following reasons - she is the best teacher of the face of the Earth!!!  All my teachers have been great but Mrs. Petrosky really stands out.  She is so nice, she doesn't even yell when she is on her last nerve.  She really understands everything you mention.  She also adds a little fun to everything, even a test!!  This is probably hard to do, don't you think?  Oh, yes!  She also doesn't make us stay in the library, she let's us go back to our classroom and read.

Mrs. Petrosky also treats everyone equally.  She doesn't like anyone better than someone else.  another thing I wanted to mention is she adds funny voices to our stories like once there was a troll in a story and she actually sounded like a troll!!

Please consider this because she may be retiring after about 34 years of being a phenomenal teacher.  Please keep this a secret, my classmates do not know yet. 

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