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 Melanie Victor a Kindergarten teacher at Youngsville Elementary School is this week's Golden Apple Award Winner.

Mrs. Victor was nominated by Joella Zaffino.

Joella writes: This nomination for Mrs. Victor is being submitted on behalf of my daughter Jenna Wilson. Prior to beginning Kindergarten, Jena could not recognize letters, shapes or numbers. She had absolutely no interest in learning at all. She had been enrolled in Pre-School/Daycare atmosphere that was supposed to be the best in the area, with a waiting list a mile long.

If Jena didn't want to participate in school activities while there they wouldn't make her, so she didn't do it. Every conference they told me she was right on mark.

It wasn't until she went for her 5 year physical, and they checked Jena's eye, that's when I became worried. She couldn't complete the eye test, because she couldn't recognize a single letter. Two and a half years in that facility and she had not learned anything other than what we did together at home.

She has been in school for 4 months now. Mrs. Victor has taught her to read, count to 100 by 5's, discipline and consequences, and now she aims to please! I believe Melanie Victor to be a remarkable Kindergarten teacher. I realize children's minds are sponges, and they absorb knowledge so easily, but I wasn't able to teach her nearly what she now knows.

I believe her to be worthy of this award, as she has truly made a difference in my life, seeing my child proud of her accomplishments is a wonderful feeling. Being able to give that gift, that feeling to a parent, takes true talent.
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