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<img src="/images/Multi_Media/yourerie/nxd_media/img/jpg/2009_04/1e28e576-058e-a774-15b8-c5ae81643993/raw.jpg" alt=" " align="left" />Julie Chiocco
 Congratulations Julie Chiocco from Rice Avenue Middle School.

Mrs. Chiocco was nominated by Sherri Miller/McKenzie Miller.

Sherri and McKenzie write: My name is Sherri Miller and I am nomination Julie Chiocco for so many reasons. This is the first year my daughter is in middle school and I was so nervouc about her being in such a big school. Once I met her teachers I was no longer nervous, especially with Julie Chiocco.

I have never met another teacher like her. May daughter McKenzie Miller just loves her. This is the first year McKenzie has come home from school every single day with a smile on her face. Everyday I ask her what the smile is about and she always says every single day "oh Mrs. Chiocco is so funny."

My daughter tells me all the time that Mrs. Chiocco makes learning so much fun. As a parent this is so important to me. I love to see her with that big smile on her face everyday. That alone is a great reason to nominate Julie Chiocco, but I have another reason as to why I think she deserves this award. My daughter go sick a couple of weeks before Christmas.

McKenzie was diagnosed with Nephrotis Syndrome at the Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh. Kenzie had to miss a few days of school. Julie went to every one of McKenzie's classes and got all of her homework and brought it to our house and sat there and helped her get caught up. She has done this for McKenzie on three different occasions.

I honestly have never met anyone like her. She is an amazing woman and she definitely goes over and beyond her duties of being a teacher. McKenzie honestly loves Mrs. Chiocco. I believe that she is very deserving of this award. Please consider her for the Golden Apple Teachers Award.
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