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<img src="/images/Multi_Media/yourerie/nxd_media/img/jpg/2009_04/02494bd8-8119-6184-41ec-83eb21a9136d/raw.jpg" alt=" " align="left" />Joene Ferguson
 Congratulations Joene Ferguson of Blessed Sacrament School. Mrs. Ferguson was nominated by Megan Rosenthal. Megan wrote: I saw the Golden Apple Teacher Award on the TV a while ago and thought of Mrs. Ferguson right away. My brother, Thomas, who is a fifth grader, would agree because he had her when he was in the first grade and he still talks about her. She is a wonderful and caring person that makes learning fun and easy. I dont always want to get out of bed in the morning to go to school, but I do because I dont want to miss something exciting in Mrs. Fergusons class. She is the best teacher! I am not sure how long she has been teaching, but I hope she doesnt retire anytime soon. If you asked all the kids at Blessed Sacrament about Mrs. Ferguson, they would only have good things to say about her. If you saw Mrs. Ferguson at school, the first thing you would notice about her is her happy smile; then you would see what a wonderful person/teacher she is in the classroom. When I grow up I cant say that I want to be a teacher, but I can say that I want to be a nice friendly person, always smiling just like Mrs. Ferguson. Please pick my teacher, Mrs. Ferguson for the Golden Apple Awards! But if you dont Ill give her a big hug and tell her shes the best anyway.
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