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 Congratulations to Julia Goodman a Physical Education Teacher at the Elizabeth Lee Black School. Julia was nominated by Cindy Priester.

Cindy writes:

Julia is a long time valued employee who is our adapted physical education teacher, fitness instructor in our Highmark fitness room and for the school year 2008-2009 is offering an extraordinary adapted Highmark bike program to present and past students here at school on Saturday's.
The work on weekends if totally voluntary, she is a community asset. Julia plans yearly Wellness walks, getting our special needs students out into the community. She plans, sets up, and runs the fitness room every afternoon. She knows the value of life long health and wellness, especially with our population.
Julia has begun an adapted bike program to expose our population to the joy of riding. Something our kids can do with their families. She has learned sign language, PECS, and how to use devices to communicate with her students. She makes and sets up special theme based events like the Super Bowl, Field Day, Reach for the Stars, and an annual volleyball game with all staff and students competing.
Julia also prepares our athletes for Special Olympics track and field events. She attends our evening open house and graduation ceremony where she gives out special awards to our graduates for all the work they attempted during the school year.
Julia has worked with many community agencies to obtain money to expand her programs and works diligently on grants for additional funding. Without her we would not have the Highmark programs and the students would not be making the lifelong strides in staying healthy.
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