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Hal Marshall
Congratulations Hal Marshall of General McLane High School. Mr. Marshall is the 9-12 Emotional Support Teacher. He was nominated by Devon Madden. Devon writes: Mr. Marshall changed my life. I cam into high school as a "trouble maker," always getting into trouble and not caring about my grades or even if I graduated. Over 4 years he taught me about keeping my temper under control and focusing on school and how important it was to graduate. I learned that I need to change or I wasnt going to go anywhere in life. He helped me get my grades up and even helped me pick out a college. I am now in nursing school and very successful. I would not be where I am today if I hadnt met this man. I swear he is a Saint. He changed my life in a way muself can not completely comprehend. I am so thankful for having him as a teacher, and not just a teacher of school work, but a teacher of lifes lessons and reality checks. he does so much for everyone in his classroom, and doesnt think twice about it. There are no favorites, no above others in his room. He spends equal amount of time with each person working on their needs and helping anyway he possible can. There is nothing he wouldnt do to help, if youre having a rough day and all you need is someone to talk to, he is there to listen. If you need time to chill out, because someone upset you or made you mad, you can sit in his room and chill out. Mr. Marshall deserves this award more than anyone in the world for what he does for kids like me.
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