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 This week's Golden Apple Award winner is Skip Buttaccio of Northwestern High School.  Mr. Buttaccio was nominated by Cody Krahe.

Cody writes:
I am currently a senior at Northwestern High School, ad never before have I understood as much as I do this year.  I know it's all thanks to my English teacher, Mr. Buttaccio.  English has never really been my strength in school, I am a football player for Northwestern, and usually fall under the impression that my athletics outweigh my academics, and as for my first three years of high school, I would have to say that was true.  I focused on sports, and somewhat put my grades on the backburner.  It all changed my senior year when I walked into Mr. Buttaccio's 12th grade accelerated English class.

His room was inviting and gave off a warm, comforting feeling.  It was a very good learning environment.  As I took my seat, Mr. Buttaccio walked to the front of the class and introcuded himself; his presence captured the attention of all of us in the room.  As Ithe weeks progressed, I saw my grades progressing as well, but what really made me feel good were not just the grade, but the understanding and knowledge that I gained.  i really understood all of the assignemnts and tests, and that was a good feeling of satisfaction.

Mr. Buttaccio believed in me and knows of the academic talent that I had, and he brought it out of me.  For this I am truly thankful.  A few weeks ago I found out that Mr. Buttaccio had never received a Golden Apple Award.  This baffled me!  Both my mother and father attended school when he was teaching.  So it has been roughly 25 years that this man has not just been teaching, but educating.  I also learned that Mr. Buttaccio was thinking about retiring soon, and I feel that he should be rewarded for everything that he has taught generation after generation.  I believe Mr. Buttaccio should be awraded with the Golden Apple. 
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