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 This week's Golden Apple Award Winner id John Heckathorne of Rocky Grove High School.  Mr. Heckathorne was nominated by Amanda Neal. 

Amanda writes:

Mr. Heckathorne, there is no way to describe how much he has done for my English class and me.  He is a great teacher and in my English class we call him Papa Heckathorne (ha-ha).  We do this because even if we are having problems we know we can talk to him, even if he doesn't have an input.  I am a senior this year and there are many things that are required that he has shown how much he cares.  We have to do a senoir project to graduate, which calls for a research paper, a community service project, and an eight to tem minute speech.  I am not going to lie, I failed my paper at first, but he was the first one to jump to the spot to help me with passing.  He has only been my teacher for the first half of the year, but already he has helped so much.  I don't know how he could possibly be there anymore.  anytime we need something he wants to help and if you are failing he will find any possible way to help you to pass.  Aslo he is always using positive words, such as, "You can do it, Come on and try."  He puts up with a lot of stuff here at Rocky Grove.  He really deserves this and he woudl be beyond suprised if he received the Golden Apple Award.  Even if he does not I will be happy knowing that I nominated him and appreciate what he does for me and the entire Rocky Grove High School
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