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Amanda Marton

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Amanda Marton of General McLane High School. She was nominated by Ryan Richards.
Ryan writes: I would like to nominate my 11th grade English teacher, Miss Marton, for many reasons. One, for being a first year teacher she really opened my eyes as a student by showing me that it is perfectly all right to state my opinions on matters. For instance, we discussed crucial events like the war currently going on. Two, she taught me in class to look at the stories we read with an open mind and appreciate the teachings they gave me. For example, when we studied "The Catcher in the Rye"I learned that unlike Holden I accept the social norms in life and see how grateful I should be for the life I have. If it werent for Miss Martons amazing effort, devotion, and downright caring for her teachings, I would not have been able to understand all the books we read in her class. Three, Miss Marton used teaching methods unlike the ones I have experienced in other teachers. To illustrate, while watching "Star Wars" we traced Like Skywalkers heroic journey. You would think that watching a movie like "Star Wars" wouldnt make you discover the true meanings in the storyline, but she taught us a lot more than we expected. Miss Marton made an atmosphere in her classroom that allowed me to succeed in everything I did. We would have open debates and share our different opinions on the material we were learning at the time. I particularly loved these debates, because it wasnt the smart students or the outspoken ones talking all of the time. I got out of bed every morning knowing that today in Miss Martons class I am going to learn, be free to express my opinions and have fun in her class. She made English class worth going to EVERYDAY she was there. I feel very grateful to have had Miss Marton as my English teacher, because she gave me the confidence and strength to go above and beyond in her class.
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