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Amy Sturm

<p>Congratulations Mrs. Amy Sturm from Grandview Elementary.&nbsp; She was nominated by Nathan Hayes.</p>

I would like to nominate my teacher Mrs Sturm for the Golden Apple Award. Mrs Sturm deserves this award because she makes learning fun! She is creative, funny, patient, understanding and has a lot of energy! She makes it so that learning is fun. She asks us questions while she teaches us that make us laugh and giggle. We have sticker charts that award us for doing a good job. When we fill up our sticker charts we get to pick a prize and maybe even eat lunch in a special area with Mrs Sturm. She always makes doing projects fun. When we learn spelling words, Mrs Sturm puts them in funny sentences that help us to learn in a fun way! Mrs. Sturm always makes sure we all feel included and that no one is ever left out. If you don't understand something, Mrs Sturm always takes the time to explain things to you and does it really good so you don't lose time in learning.

We have a Wacky Word Problem on Tuesdays and Thursdays. That is a math problem that we have to figure out. If we are correct we get 3 stickers and a piece of candy. We always want to win this! We also have a PAL (problem of the week) which is another math problem. At team time, we figure out the answer and if we are right we can get "Honey money." This is a coupon we can spend at the school book store called the Bee-Hive for a book cover or other school item.  We also have a Team Board that we get to put our name on if Mrs Sturm catches us doing something good or kind for other kids. At the end of week at Team Time, we can then win a prize. So please, please, please pick Mrs Sturm. All the kids in my class love her and she is one of the BEST teachers ever!

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