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Arrington Reacts to Deadly Shooting

On the anniversary of her son’s death, Mothers Against Teen Violence founder Sonya Arrington says she hopes the city’s most recent deadly shooting serves a “reality check” to the community.
January 5, 2014 - The deadly shooting at a private club establishment in Erie happened hours after a Mothers Against Teen Violence vigil, and now, the founder of the organization, Sonya Arrington, is speaking out.

Arrington says her heart is broken knowing that another family has now been touched by gun violence.

She says she doesn’t want any additional families to be where she is today: still mourning the loss of her son.

Sunday is the official anniversary of his death.

Arrington says she hopes this is a reality check.

The activist plans to set up a rally sometime this week in Perry Square to address this latest round of gun violence to hit Erie.

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