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Brian Spence

<p>Congratulations Brian Spence from Northwestern Senior High School&nbsp; He was nominated by Scott Currier.</p>

I would like to nominate Mr. Spence for the Golden Apple award for several reasons and I truly believe he deserves it.  Mr. Spence was a student teacher for another teacher at our school back when I was in fourth grade, and the following summer I saw him at a McDonalds and even though he only known me for a few weeks without me reminding him of who I was he remembered me.  Mr. Spence has always been kind to all of the students he has had.  Mr. Spence is the only teacher I can think of who actually walked into class the first day of school and was excited about having a forty-three student class.  I have asked several other students if they wanted to join in on nominating him and everyone I had asked immediately said they wanted to join in.  Mr. Spence genuinely cares for his students. Aside from teachers who formally knew my family Mr. Spence was the only teacher I felt actually cared about me.  He is our concert band teacher, and he allows us to choose which songs we play and allows us to set the rules for the class.  Mr. Spence also run the G&S (Guitars and Strings) Club he willing took over the club after the previous teacher in charge of it switched to another school.  So please honor Mr. Spence with a Golden Apple award, he in my personal opinion truly deserves one.  Along with all of his teaching credibility he is also someone anyone can easily relate to for example, he is a huge Star Wars fan, in fact on a recent trip to Disney world I even bought him a little toy of Goofy Dressed up like Darth Vader, and to this day he still has it sitting in his office.  Which is just another example of how much his students mean to him.

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