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Catrina Groner

Congratulations Ms. Catrina Groner from Wayne Elementary.  She was nominated by Britney Torres. 

I want to nominate Ms. Groner for golden apple award. She teaches me and my classmates science and social studies. She also teaches us about respect and tells us to show our respect by saying please if you want something and thank you after you get it. In science we have fun labs, like the one where we measured light. In social studies we read and learn about history. We learned about the Arabian Peninsula. Ms. Groner teaches us how to take good notes in science and social studies and then we use these notes for tests.  In social studies we use them for our test at the end of each lesson and In science we get to use our books for the chapter review at the end of each lesson. I love how she will put on soothing music while we work as long as we are quiet. This teaches us how to be quiet. She tries to make it fun while she teaches us important lessons. She also gives us awards if we work well.  When the entire class works well, we get computers, gym time or we can get out puzzles. This makes us want to work harder. Sometimes, we grade papers together. We also get stamps if we get our work done and if you get all twenty-five stamps we get a prize.


 Ms. Groner likes to plan parties for us each time it is a holiday. For Christmas we are doing secret Santa. I got Ms.Groner a gift for Christmas and it is going to be a Christmas card and a candy cup. I am bringing a treat to pass out to my classmates. That is why I want to nominate Ms. Groner, plus she ROCKS.

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