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Charles Cross

<p>Congratulations Mr. Charles Cross from North East High School.&nbsp; He was nominated by Tomothy Hoyt.&nbsp; </p>

Mr. Cross is dedicated to the students. He stays after school to allow students to work in the shop or even on the computer to make video games. He just started up the TSA (Technical Student Association) at East High School this year. He also teaches the value of hard work and pride in everything you make. In fact, if you try to turn in a project that he doesn't believe is finished he will just give it back to you and say, "This isn't done, you need to sand here, paint here, and nail here..." pointing at each spot that he is talking about.

He's a hard worker and a dedicated teacher. He will help out anyone who needs it. He will also teach anyone anything that they want to learn about the shop. He also makes his students write a daily log just like you would have to in a real shop. He gives you the full shop experience. I believe he deserves this award hands down.

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