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Christian Chapa

<p>Congratulations Cristian Chapa from Charter School of Excellence.&nbsp; He was Nominated by Mitchell Cooper.</p>

Well, where to begin? This teacher is just awesome. He stays after almost every day to help all the students he can including myself. He's helping me and maybe 5 others study and get prepared for Science Olympiad. He goes so far out of his way to do this too, which is awesome. Mr. Chapa isn't an ordinary teacher too though, he make's learning science fun. He turns learning chemistry into something that make's you actually want to sit down and learn it. Instead of the usual teacher that just explains it and is usually in a hurry for all the students to leave so they can go home. Mr. Chapa is really dedicated to helping his students out, he attends college classes on most days while staying after to help us. How he does it? I honestly just don't know. He could be teaching college, or could possibly be working for NASA if he wanted to. Instead he's here at the Leadership center helping students prepare for the rest of their lives. And quite frankly I think he'll die at his desk teaching kids, he's just too dedicated. He is very, very easy to get along with even on his worst of days. He make's jokes about science that, if told by anyone else would seem stupid or corny. But he just some-how make's the jokes seem interesting and creative. Mr. Chapa has taken college classes for just about every science you can think of. From astronomy to diseases and bacteria. He's currently helping me out with Science Olympiad and I like to stay after every chance I get, which is almost every day. He doesn't give up on a student either too, he will stay after school for hours on end to help the student learn what he/she needs to and move on. He'll even come in early on days where some teachers don't come in at all. He's probably my favorite teacher because I'm a nerd and I absolutely love learning things, and quite frankly I don't think there is any other teacher in Erie that knows as much as Mr. Chapa. There are an X amount of 'smart' teachers at my school, but Mr. Chapa seems to be the smartest. He's one of the youngest too. He's going to be a judge in Science Olympiad, I'm not sure if you have to just sign a paper to be a judge or what. But I'm sure if you had to do a test that Mr. Chapa would ace it. When a few other students and myself are staying after for extra help or learning new things he'll bring up a subject that we are there to learn about on a Smart Board. He'll just go through it and name off everything and it's just awesome hearing about it. I literally grow a big grin on my face just listening to him explain things that no other teacher or student in the school would understand. A lot of the kids at school don't really like him because his classes aren't easy. But those who hate him or his class are the lazy one's that don't like to learn. Mr. Chapa will ask them if they'd like to stay after and get help with the day's assignment or just hang out and study. He hate's to see students failing, but he's not one to just write them up or yell at them. He simply tells them that they can stay after for help if it's just a bad day for them and it seems to work for most. Anyway, Mr. Chapa totally deserves this Golden Apple thing because he's the best of teachers.

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