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Curley Charges Dismissed

Harris County Court dismisses Curley charges.
June 13, 2014-The lead researcher in the John Kanzius Cancer Treatment project is on his way to clearing criminal charges from his reputation. A felony charge of wiretapping against Dr. Steven Curley has been dismissed in Harris County Texas.

Dr. Curley had been accused by police of putting a device on his former wife's computer that would track her activities on the internet.

In a hearing today Judge Maria Jackson dismissed the charge against Curley with conditions in a program called "Pretrial Diversion."

In return for the dismissal of the charge, Dr. Curley must do 120 hours of community service, report quarterly to a probation officer, and have no contact with his former wife.

If he observes those conditions, according to the Harris County prosecutor, Curley's record will be expunged.

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