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David Uglow

<br>Congratulations Mr. David Uglow from North East Intermediate Elementary School.&nbsp; He was nominated by Hudson Herberlein.&nbsp;

I would like to nominate David Uglow to be the next Golden Apple Award winner.  Mr. Uglow is a third grade science teacher at East Intermediate Elementary school.  He is a really good teacher.  He does a lot of hands-on science projects.  He is really nice.  He lets us do projects and sing songs about the subjects we are learning about, like the Great Lakes song.  He even taught us a silly song about how sharks swim underground!

I was worried about the classes I would have this school year, but I like science the best.  He plays twenty questions with us.  He has plenty of objects and things that he can share with us.  We guess what it is.  We have guessed two items so far.  It is a really tricky game.

He gives a lot of extra credit when we do extra and above what he wants us to do.  I think the grades that he gives are good.  When I go to his classroom I am excited to learn stuff.  He explains what we are going to learn about.  The best things we have learned about this year are the Great Lakes.  The Great Lakes are formed by heavy ice that is called glaciers.  He taught us about the flow of the water through all the lakes.

I hope that he wins the golden apple award because he is the best teacher!  He has been teaching for a long time.

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