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Debbie Pero

<p>Congratulations Mrs. Debbie Pero from Rolling Ridge Elementary School.&nbsp; She was nominated by LaceyJo Hunter.</p>

My teacher Mrs. Pero is spectacular.  Spectacular is a word that means impressive and wonderful.  If you met her you would know why she is spectacular.  She is always nice, happy, caring, supportive, open-minded and very intelligent.  She is a good listener and she gives wise advice.   She knows that if someone makes a mistake it is how they learn.   She truly loves all her students and wants to see them happy and do well.  She makes learning fun!  For instance, she uses candy to teach math and in guided reading groups she makes sure you work at the level that is just right for you.  She is always happy and we know she must love her job because it seems that she enjoys being with us and seeing us understand new things. 

We work really hard making our goals in reading and learning new concepts in math but she always seems to sneak some fun in the day too.  Like every season we do really fun craft projects.  In science we made rock candy.  At Christmas time we brought in the money we would of used for an exchange gift and instead we donated it to the Anna shelter and she had someone from the Anna shelter come and talk to us and they brought in a dog to our classroom.  At St. Patrick's Day she made us potato soup and we had a huge buffet of all green food and sundaes. 

We had been working really hard on our PSSA testing and it was a great thing to look forward to.  For PSSA's she gave us a fun baggie filled with crayons and a coloring sheet, erasers, tissues, three pencils, two peppermints, sticky notes to cover our answers.  She was so supportive and caring. 

She is always patient, loving and humorous.  After school every day kids come into her room from other grades stay with her because she takes them to Zumba at the school.  She has many students from upper grades come visit her.  For instance, my two sisters who are 17 and 15 both had her and loved her.  She is still a spectacular teacher and I think she deserves an award for  being the best teacher ever!

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