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Donna Pasky

Congratulations Donna Pasky from Braden Jr. High.  She was nominated by Cpl. Logan Anthony Fogus. 

Hello, my name is CPL Logan Anthony Fogus with the United States Army.  I am currently serving overseas in Afghanistan.  I write you today about not only a great person, but an inspiring teacher that opened my mind for bigger and better things to come.


As a student at Pierpont Elementary School, new to the 3rd grade, I did not know what to expect.  Would it be easy? Would it be hard? How would our new teacher be?  Would she even be able to teach this stubborn young boy anything at all.


Well, let me tell you I was very wrong.  From the first day I was blasted with a mind full of knowledge.  It never stopped, we moved from mathematics to social studies with a natural flow never letting any certain student fall behind.  I can often remember going through particular problems on the board not knowing how she got to the final product.  Mrs. Pasky would call us out to make sure we understood each and every way to find the outcome.  As the year went on my mind grew full of ways to overcome problems, as well as developed way to use my mind to conquer what seemed like a plethora of homework.  She pushed me to my absolute max at everything I did.  She challenged my mind and made it absolutely fun the whole way.


It is a complete honor for me to be able to write a few words about a lady that enjoys everyday of her life, molding young minds into greatness.  Mrs. Pasky is a great artist at her trade.  I would be grateful to one day have a stubborn son that could go to school and find his Mrs. Pasky to take a rough diamond and polish it into a great piece of art.  She is truly a blessing to every class that has the opportunity to sit and hear her words.


Yours truly,


CPL Logan A Fogus

United State Army Soldier

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