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<img src="/images/Multi_Media/yourerie/nxd_media/img/jpg/2007_04/ab5b9ad2-cd64-aae4-2117-2a6792803635/raw.jpg" alt=" " align="left" />Kelly Frick
 Kelly Frick from Union City Middle/High School is this week's Golden Apple Award Winner.  Ms. Frick was nominated by Kayti Toplovich.

Kayti writes:

I am writing to nominate Union City Middle School 8th Grade History teacher, Ms. Frick, for the Golden Apple Award.  I think that Ms. Frick should get the award because she is such a fantastic teacher and a good person.  She makes learning American History so much fun.  She always gets into her lessons and makes learning easy.  She also makes me want to learn more, no just in history but in all my subjects.  I know if I ever need any help in school, or anything else I can always go to her.  I can talk to her about anything because I know I can trust her.  Ms. Frick has also made a big difference in my lefe.  She has made me want to get more involved in my community, and also to help other people.  She has made me realize that there are so many opportunities available here.  I do not need to go anywhere else to find them. 
Ms. Frick is a compassionate, fun, and caring person.  I can tell that she really cares about her students.  She will go our of her way to help anyone.  She is also just a great person to around.  Even if you are in a bad mood, it always seems like she can cheer you up.  She always has an optimistic view on things.  I am very grateful to have her as one of my teachers.  She has taught me so many important values that I could not have learned anywhere else.  This is why I think that such an amazing teacher and should get recognized for all of her hard work and dedication.  That is why I think Ms. Frick should be awarded the Golden Apple Award. 

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