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Friede Lundell

<p>Congratulations Friede Lundell from Fort LeBoeuf High School she was nominated by Brianne Kocher.</p>

Mr. Lundell is more than a teacher. He is a guide. Whether a student is struggling in class, or beyond Fort LeBoeuf halls, he is someone you can come to for advice. Mr. Lundell is also patient with students, making learning less of an inconvenient obligation and more of an experience. He has mentioned several times that he is on our side in the classroom and always gives us the benefit of the doubt. He works with us rather than against us. His lessons often leave me with a sense of comprehension unlike many classes in previous years that have left me somewhat misinformed. Mr. Lundell has not only encouraged me grow to as a better student, but as a better person.

He has accomplished many great things in the time that I have known him. For example, he has saved a potential drop out from failure and has motivated him to apply his intelligence for the rest of his senior year and has since aspired to obtain further education. This student was also recognized as March's Student of the Month due to his diligence. Mr. Lundell has helped many Fort LeBoeuf students, including myself, in succeeding thanks to his legitimate concern for his scholars. It is his sincere desire for our triumph that makes him so deserving of this award. In conclusion, Mr. Lundell is worthy of this award for plenty of reasons.  He is much more than a teacher, he is a mentor.  He has all of the traits a remarkable teacher should possess.

Mr. Lundell exceeds the accomplishment in which his job demands. He has achieved so much as an individual and has encouraged us to do the same. He not only speaks, but listens. So, with this award, I wish to express my appreciation for Mr. Lundell and his opinions, help, and education.

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