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Goldel Apple Award Winner: Heather Hixon

After 27 years in the classroom, Heather Hixon has a well defined philosophy about education.
April 24th, 2013

Great educators are everywhere. In the city and in the country.
And tonight, our Golden Apple Award winning teacher was found in a classroom on a rural road outside of Corry.
Lou Baxter tells us more about this week's winner.

Heather Hixon is a 5th and 6th grade teacher at Conelway Elementary School in Corry. After 27 years in the classroom, she has a well defined philosophy about education.

Heather Hixon, Golden Apple Award winner, says: "Well my philosophy ... person that they can become."

Ms. Hixon says her students are country kids that come from good families, and they support one another.

Ms. Hixon, "This year has been really difficult ... through this difficult year."

Many generations of students recognizes this special teacher.

Katelyn Anderson, student nominator, says: "She always makes things fun ...  It's all true."

Mary Jo Melvin, PhD, Edinboro University, says: "When you asked her ... makes her special."

Congratulations, a hatrick for Ms. Heather Hixon, this week's Jet 24, Edinboro Univeristy, Golden Apple Award winner.



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