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Golden Apple 11/07/12

<span style="font-family:Arial">Congratulations to Mrs. Mollie Williams, this week's Jet 24 -Edinboro University Golden Apple Award winner.</span>
November 7th, 2012

Talk to any teacher, and they'll tell you the most difficult students to teach are middle school aged students.

            However, this weeks golden apple award winning teacher has been teaching 7th grade for all 20 years of her career.

     Tonight, Lou Baxter reporters from the General McLane School District.


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Mrs Mollie Williams is a 7th grade Language Arts teacher at James W. Parker Middle School in Edinboro.

            She was in the library with her class when we surprised her with this week's Golden Apple Award, an honor she appreciates.


Mollie Williams, Golden Apple Award Winner: Teachers don't get into this job for fame and fortune."


            7th grader Ally Krautter nominated Mrs. Williams because she makes learning fun, and uses technology to stay in touch with students outside of the classroom.


Mollie Williams: "I'm a strong believer in technology ... With a lot of information."



Ally Krautter, student nominator:  "Now you think it's cool ... Find out questions."


Mary Jo Melvin, PhD, Edinboro University: "Texting and cell phones get a... Middle school aged student."


Lou Baxter:

Congratulations to Mrs. Mollie Williams, this week's Jet 24 -Edinboro University Golden Apple award winner.

In Edinboro, Lou Baxter, Jet 24 Action News.


Be sure to nominate your favorite teacher by going to the contest page at yourerie.com.


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