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Golden Apple Award Winner 11/28/12

November 28th, 2012

It's a Golden Apple hat trick for a Fort LeBoeuf school teacher, who tonight is being honored with a Golden Apple award for the third time in his 20 year teaching career.


Lou Baxter says the Waterford school has a quite a history of producing Golden Apple Award winners.


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This is the third time over the past two decades that Fort  LeBoeuf High School history teacher Sean Humphreys has won the Golden Apple Award.

This son of a teacher, who is married to a teacher, loves what he does.


Sean Humphreys, Golden Apple Award winner: "I hope every loves what they do like I do."


Sean Humphreys: "Being able to ... mine is teaching."


So how is it that students here at Ft. LeBoeuf have nominated Mr. Humphreys three times, and have nominated  winning teachers a total of  five times?


The schools principal says it's a tradition of caring.

Marti Rimpa, Fort LeBoeuf principal: "The teachers are genuine, really supportive of one another."


And nobody appreciates Mr. Humphreys more than this year's letter writer, Victoria Glover.


Victoria Glover, student nominator:  "I've learned so much. I like history more because of him."


Lou Baxter: Congratulations to Mr. Sean Humphreys, this week's Jet 24 Edinboro University Golden Apple Award winner.


In Waterford, Lou Baxter, Jet 24, Action News.


Be sure to nominate your favorite teacher for a Golden Apple Award.  All you have to do is go to the contest page at yourerie.com.




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