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How to Choose

How do I choose a rehabilitation facility?
To decide the best rehabilitation facility for you or your loved one, it is important to know that there are different kinds of facilities from which to choose. Maybe you have heard the terms used to refer to those choices: skilled nursing (or sub-acute rehabilitation) facilities, nursing homes, assisted living centers and inpatient rehabilitation hospitals. Although all of these facilities have rehabilitation professionals on staff, only one specializes in rehabilitation; the inpatient rehabilitation hospital. Because its primary focus is rehabilitation, inpatient rehabilitation hospitals, like HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital of Erie, provide a higher level of care distinctly different from other facilities that offer rehabilitation services.
Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospitals:
* Provide more intensive therapeutic services
* Have more physician specialists with expertise in treating patients with disabling injuries/illnesses
* Have a higher percentage of registered nurses skilled in rehabilitation nursing
* Have the most highly trained therapists
* Offer the most innovative therapeutic programs
* Have the most up-to-date technologies and facilities
* Provide comprehensive patient/family education

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