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Jason Falk

Congratulations Jason Falk from Fort LeBoeuf High School.  He was nominated by Victoria Reaher. 
Victoria writes:
The life of a teenager is extremely stressful at points, with all the pressures of schoolwork, jobs, social lives and the extracurricular activities.  Sometimes, we students sit n class passively; though truly attempting to learn, they may find that it is hard to concentrate of that the concepts are hard to grasp.  Decent amounts of these passive students often lack the drive to ask for extra help; they are unlikely to raise a hand of stop in before or after class for some extra help.  The one factor that encourages students to take that extra step in their education is a teacher that they feel they can relate to - one that not only understands their frustrations as a student but that goes out of their way to make learning personal, fun, something that each student can grow from exponentially.
When I think of a teacher like this, only ones comes to mind - my calculus teacher, Mr. Falk.  Personally, math has always been a subject that comes naturally.  When I finally reached my senior year, I greeted AP Calculus like and old friend.  Though I assumes it would be a challenge, I never imagined that calculus would prove to be the most difficult concepts to grasp thus far in my high school career.  Every day when I walk into calculus, the room alone alleviates because I know I have a teacher that I can go to with any one of my questions or concerns about the mind-numbing theorems and methods of calculus.  Mr. Falk never fails to teach with a twist; he often cracks the entire class up with his witty references to the Greek letter theta as "poke-ball" (in reference to Pokemon) and his own made-up vocabulary (which he claims all lie in a book called "The Falk-tionary.)  Mr. Falk is never in too much of a rush to pause and backtrack for any student.  His door is always open and he never fails to lend a helping hand to any student who might ask for his help.  Mr. Falk is an excellent teacher-one who has helped me through one of the toughest subjects of high school, and one who deserves to be rewarded for all the gifts he gives to every student of every level. 
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