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Jennifer Cummings

<p>Congratulations Jennifer Cummings from North East Middle School.&nbsp; She was nominated by Sage Beardsley.</p>

I want to nominate my English/Reading teacher Miss. Cummings for the Golden Apple Award because she is the best teacher ever.  I do not know if I can sum up how incredible Miss. Cummings is in two hundred and fifty words but let�s give it a try.  She understands her students because not too long ago she was one. My teacher Miss. Cummings is everything you want and more from a teacher she gives you second chances; she has a sense of humor but when needed can be strict in a good way. The greatest teacher in North East, in my opinion is Miss. Cummings because she can handle the worst kids even the thought she would never admit how much of an impact she makes in my fellow piers lives. Some very talented kids went to a reading competition at Brookville high school it was the first time North East middle school has gone, but the competition has been going on for several years even though it was our first time we had gone we came home with the first place trophy we could not have done it without Miss. Cummings. She is the foundation of my school career right now and I know that she is not only my rock she is a lot of other people�s rocks. I know that I must conclude but I wish I could tell you more about my spectacular teacher Miss. Cummings please take her into consideration for the Golden Apple Award.

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