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John Herman

<p>Congratulations Mr. John Herman from Titusville Middle School&nbsp; He was nominated by Kiley Neal.</p>

Mr. Herman is a very creative and outgoing teacher. He is always going above and beyond for the students that he teaches. For example, every time a student steps in the class they are nicely greeted by his strange and helpful "Roman" side, or even the suit of armor that greeted us on the first day. In Mr. Herman's class, not only does he go above and beyond while teaching, but he dresses up and acts out what would have happened in that time period. Basically not only does he teach history, he acts it out. Everyday I cannot wait for his class to start so I can see what I will learn, or how I will learn it. Everyday is not a history lesson, but an adventure through time.  I get a real understanding of how these people lived and what they went through.

In this world of funding getting cut and students being placed into larger classes, it makes it harder for students like myself to get special attention if they need it. But with Mr. Herman you understand what is being taught. Not only does he tell you, HE SHOWS YOU through costumes or even a little skit he puts on to get his point across. More teachers are needed like Mr. Herman. Everyone learns when they can relate to what is being taught, and being able to interact with his teachings; it is a blast. Not only is he a great teacher, he is our friend.

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