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Kellie Laird

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 Kellie Laird of Elk Valley Elementary School was nominated by Hannah Faulkner. Hannah and her mother wrote: My daughter, Hannah and I are finding it hard to put how much this teacher has helped her into 250 words or less. Ive never had a child with a teacher who cares so very much. My daughter came to Elk Valley with many issues that most students cant even comprehend. Mrs. Laird not only cares about her education, she also cares very much about Hannah. Starting from the first day of school, she has gone above and beyond to help Hannah feel comfortable, loved and safe. She has maintained almost daily contact with me and calls not only to make me aware of concerns but also to allow me to celebrate Hannahs achievements. I remember one day in particular when Mrs. Laird called so Hannah could tell me that she only missed three words on her spelling test. This has been a hard subject for Hannah but with Mrs. Lairds calm/never give up attitude, Hannah is excelling! As a matter of fact, the little girl who was almost held back in second grade and involved in title classes now doesnt even qualify for title classes anymore because shes doing so well. All of that within only 2 short months into the school year! Because of her, Hannah now reaches higher, dreams bigger and feels confident that she can achieve all of her dreams! We believe that Mrs. Laird should be commended for all she does and that this award will do just that. Thank you Mrs. Laird! We dont know where Hannah would be without your love, guidance, caring and help.
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