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Laurie Hitt

<p>Congratulations Mrs. Laurie Hitt from Fairview High School.&nbsp; She was nominated by Emma Chaffee.</p>

Not only did I have the honor of having Mrs. Laurie Hitt's Theatre class as my first class of my first day in high school, but I also had the chance to meet quite a wonderful teacher. From the moment I stepped into the room, one with no desks or assigned seats, I felt a weight lifted off of my shoulders. There was an air about her and her room that just screamed RELAX!!! Don't sweat it. As I've grown up in a family that puts music, song, and performance at the top of our lists, I knew this would be my safe haven. I started taking singing/piano lessons with Mrs. Hitt along with being a student in her chorus and theatre classes and being under her direction of the musicals and plays. Needless to say I saw a lot of her and got to know her.

By my junior year, I quit using my locker and just came to her room and left my belongings there instead. I spend every spare moment I have in that room because it has no high-school rumors or stress of other classes and is, like I had predicted early on in my high school career, a safe haven. The only stress in the room is her overwhelmingly complex schedule. Mrs. Hitt is the epitome of superwoman. She runs classes, lessons outside of school, the musicals and plays, the chorus, is the advisor of both Student Council and Drama Club, plays piano for Long's School of Dance's recitals, is the choir director and cantor at her own church, let alone keep whatever sanity left to care for and love her son, husband, and family (including her pets) among a million other things. She is generous and caring to all of her students and seconds as a counselor for anyone who needs a listening ear.

Mrs. Hitt is a creative, brilliant, hard-working woman who deserves recognition for all that she does and will do. She is like another mother to me and deserves this award more than anyone I know. Fairview High School, it's faculty, students, and surrounding community, is blessed to have Mrs. Laurie Hitt as a member of it's team.

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