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Linda Baxter

Congratulations Mrs. Linda Baxter from Asbury Elementary.  She was nominated by Hunter Kamensky. 

I would like to nominate, Mrs. Linda Baxter, for the Golden Apple Award.  She was my second grade teacher at Asbury Elementary School.  I learned a lot from being in her class.  She is a very good and patient teacher.


Mrs. Baxter taught me how to break down and sound out words so I could read better.  She would read a lot of good books and I really liked to listen to them.  She made me want to read.


Mrs. Baxter gave a spelling pre-test on Monday, on Friday we had the main test.  The words were put into groups such as long or short vowels, and silent letters.  On the main test she gave us bonus words that were like what we studied.  We received extra points if we got them right.


Mrs. Baxter also taught me math.  She taught me how to add or subtract numbers in different ways.  She would put numbers, shapes, coins or tally marks into different rows and I would have to add or subtract them to find the answer.  She taught me about fractions, patters, U.S. coin values and started to teach me how to tell time.  I enjoyed math because of Mrs. Baxter.


Mrs. Baxter gave the class rewards for good behavior.   It was called bunny money.  When we saved then, we turned them in and got to pick out of the prize box.


Mrs. Baxter should be awarded the Golden Apple Award.  She is the best teacher in the whole world.


Hunter Kamensky

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