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Linda Cylencia

<p>Congratulations Linda Cylenica from James W. Parker Middle School she was nominated by Ellec Scouten.</p>

I want my teacher to win the golden apple award because she is the best teacher in the best teacher in the whole entire world.  You would never be able to get a better teacher than Mrs. Cylenica.  When ever you have a bad day you can just talk to her and she will all ways make it better.  When ever you look at her she always has a smile on her face.  If any one has a problem or just needs to talk we all know who to go to.  One time I did not understand what she was teaching she came over to me and sat down beside me and we talked in till I finally understood what she meant.  When ever Mrs. Cylenica reads to the class out loud it is really funny.  She uses lots of very different and funny voices for each charter.  It makes it a joy to come to school knowing that Mrs. Cylenica will be there.  We all ways have lots of fun while we learn many things.  I will be so mad and sad when it is summer. There are so many reasons why Mrs. Cylenica deserves to win the golden apple award.  Now that you really know why my awesome teacher should win.  I hope you understand why my teacher is the best.  Please very much so consider my teacher it would be very much so appreciated.   In conclusion I fell Mrs. Cylenica is going to be the best candidate for winning the golden apple award.  PS.PLEASE THINK ABOUT THIS IF YOU DO PICK Mrs. Cylenica IT WILL BE THE BEST DESCION YOU HAVE EVER MADE!!!!! Sincerely, Ellec Scouten

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