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Lisa Bola

Congratulations Mrs. Lisa Bola from Fairview Middle School.  She was nominated by Tayler Schwabenbauer. 

I would like to nominate my teacher, Mr. Bola for the Golden Apple Award.  Mrs. Bola is a complimentary math teacher who makes learning fun!  We don't just sit there and be bored all day, we get up and dance and do all kinds of crazy things. We don't just sit there and be bored all day; we get up and dance and do all kinds of crazy thing!  We don't ever sit there for more than ten minutes; we are always up dancing or stretching.

Mrs. Bola makes it fun to practice for a test and while getting ready for the PSSA.  It really stinks when her class flies by so quickly because it is my favorite!

One of my favorite songs that she made up was her own remix for Dynamite!!! The songs that she makes are so catchy; we walk around singing them and they really do help us!  There are so many fun things she does with us. Whenever we learn a new thing she has a dance to make it easier! Mrs. Bola keeps us from daydreaming because she is always interacting with us. She is always funny and fun!

Mrs. Bola makes things easy to understand.  When we make note cards, she has us come up with the definitions ourselves so that we understand them our way, not the way other people do; this really helps.  She understands that all students are different, like one student always moves in his chair so she said if it's easier, he can stand and march in place. The student said this helped him a lot!

Mrs. Bola is a great teacher and I definitely think she deserves the Golden Apple Award!

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