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Maricarol Schoenfeldt

Congratulations Maricarol Schoenfeldt from Blessed Sacrament.  She was nominated by Mark Leone. 

Hello my name is Mark Leone, a 7th grader that attends Blessed Sacrament School and I'd like to nominate my 7th grade teacher Mrs. Schoenfeldt.  Mrs. Schoenfeldt is my favorite teacher because she makes school more interesting.  She even brings animals into school to make school a little more amusing.  I've only been in her class 4 months and I know it will be a fun year.

Mrs. Schoenfeldt teaches Science, Religion and Vocabulary.  In Science class we just did our Science Fair projects (PJAS).  She gave us so much advice like how to make graphs and how to make a PowerPoint.  While she teaches she tries to make it fun by bringing props and her jokes.  She also explains the lesson and homework fully.  If you don't get the homework she lets you stay after school and she helps you or she takes you aside and teaches you separately.  Even on special days like Halloween and Pajama Day she participates.  On Halloween she dressed up as a scarecrow with straw in her sleeves.  On Pajama Day she dressed in her Minnie Mouse pajamas.

Mrs. Schoenfeldt also cares about how much homework we have.  One time we had about 3 hours of homework and she told us we didn't have to do our science homework.  Another time she gave us an open book quiz because the unit was too long and really complicated.  When she teaches she relates her lessons to some real like stories she shares with us.  From wheat I see 5 days a week Mrs. Schoenfeldt loves to teach.  I hope you please pick my teacher to be the next Golden Apple Award winner.

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