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Matt Orlando

<p>Congratulations Matt Orlando from Lincoln Elementary School.&nbsp; He was nominated by Emily Taylor.</p>

Hi my name is Emily Taylor.  I think you should give my teacher the golden apple award because he is a magnificent teacher.  He always puts up with us even when we give him a headache and he helps out with our work when we need it and he really puts effort into everything he does and I really appreciate him.  Mr. Orlando makes me feel important.  When you look at Mr. Orlando you can tell he enjoys what he is doing.  I think he deserves the golden apple award.  My teacher takes time to help us out with the subject we are on and like I said you can tell he enjoys teaching because he doesn�t rush through what we are doing he takes his time.  Another reason why I think my teacher should get the golden apple award is because he is very dependable and reliable when he says something he means it.  My teacher may get stressed but honestly I don�t blame him because if I was in his position I wouldn�t be able to do what he does.  So I think Mr. Orlando really deserves it because what he does isn�t as easy as it looks because when it all boils down it�s actually hard.  A teacher like him is really important to me because you don�t catch people like Mr. Orlando and you also don�t catch people that enjoy what they do and put effort into what they do.  I�m not saying that everybody doesn�t put effort into what they do just people like Mr. Orlando really stick out and it�s a rare action if you see someone like my teacher.  I would really appreciate if you gave my teacher the golden apple award as you can probably tell I think he really deserves it.  Thank you.

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